“Low & Clear” an Official Selection for MountainFilm Festival

May 21, 2012 By: Benjamin Clary

“Low & Clear” has been named an official selection of the MountainFilm Festival, where it will be shown on Friday, May 25 at Telluride’s Michael D. Palm Theatre.  An encore presentation will be held at the Wilkinson Public Library Saturday, May 26.

Following two anglers—one that could be labeled a “numbers guy,” and one whose sentiments are more of a “It was at least good to get out” type—the film calls into question an underlying question of the sport:  Why do we fish?  Despite being about fishing, however, the film transcends one activity and applies the question to life in general.  After the Canadian documentary festival “Hot Docs,” Jordan Smith of “ioncenima” summed it up: “Masterfully made, Hudson and Hughen have put together a wave making film on life, fishing, and friendship that deserves a flood of praise.”