Call for Artists, Old Wives’ Tales, New Species, Anglers and Their Books

May 18, 2012 By: Erin Block

  • The Flyfisher Group has announced its first annual Visiting Artist Program on their Historic Lincoln Hills property along South Boulder Creek in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains outside Denver, Colorado. The event will take place July 20-21, 2012, and the chosen group of artists will have the opportunity to display artwork, provide demonstrations, and propose a commissioned piece. If you’re an artist interesting in attending, contact Faith Williams at [email protected]
  • We’ve all been told Old Wives’ Tales about the weather’s effect on fishing, and Jillian MacMath of AccuWeather gets some expert advice about the truthfulness of those predictions.
  • A new species of fish, the reticulated dragonet, has been found in the “Weather Islands” off the west coast of Sweden.
  • Do fly fishers bleed words? For beneath the surface of angler, “you’ll find a reader and a library,” says Spencer E. Turner of the Columbia Daily Tribune.