Tippets: Pork Rinds and Bonefish, Leeches, Salmon Border Escapes, TU Opens Western Waterways

May 10, 2012 By: Erin Block

  • In an excerpt from the book, Florida’s Fishing Legends and Pioneer, Captain Bill Smith recalls the story of the first bonefish caught on a fly in 1939. Whether fishing pork rinds or squirrel hair, they’ve always been a challenge.
  • Along with inspiring tried-and-true streamer patterns, leeches might now be a wildlife biologist’s “new best friend,” states Wynne Parry of Live Science.
  • Losing to gain: Letting salmon cross fishery borders may help grow their population, as well as the grizzly bear’s and the ecosystem as a whole.
  • TU dam removal projects in WY and CO open up 168 miles of waterways to fish and fishermen.