Recycled Waders Turns Leaky Waders into Water-Resistant Products

May 7, 2012 By: timromano

Whew, those old waders stink...

The image above is of a couple of pairs old waders that have been hanging in my garage for years just taking up space. En route with them to the garbage can the other day I suddenly remembered the company Recycled Waders. A number of years ago I sent them another pair of old test waders that they turned into a wallet for me. It’s still in my back pocket and consistently gets compliments. I can honestly say it’s the best wallet I’ve ever owned. Barring the coolness of turning your waders into a wallet it’s just good design: a product with a simple, minimalist aesthetic that functions like it should. Exactly what a wallet should be.

Recycled waders will turn your old stinky breathables into wallets, messenger bags, hop sacks, koozies, fanny packs and line-tip wallets. Even if you’re not into getting your waders back as something else, do the landfill and the world a favor send them your worn-out second-hand waders whenever you replace them. Someone else will enjoy a new product smartly crafted from your old duds.