RIO Products Introduces New Package with Skagit Flight VersiTip

April 28, 2012 By: timromano

Rio's Skagit Flight VersiTip's Taper

RIO Products just announce a new Skagit package with the Skagit Flight VersiTip, a system specially designed for casting large flies with heavy sink tips.

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Skagit lines are designed to be very easy to cast and, in particular, cast large flies and heavy sink tips with the utmost of ease. RIO’s Skagit Flight is a prime example of this style of line and is the best choice of line for any angler that fishes sinking tips and larger or weighted flies.

Skagit fishing requires balanced combinations of shooting head, shooting line and tips. In the past, it has been most confusing for the majority of fly fishers knowing what tip and what shooting line to put on which Skagit head. The new Skagit Flight VersiTip makes it much simpler.

Each box contains a Skagit Flight shooting head, an appropriate diameter floating Powerflex core shooting line and three appropriately sized Skagit MOW Tips; 10-foot floating, 5-foot floating/5-foot sinking and 10-foot sinking. The end result is a perfectly balanced Skagit outfit, enabling anglers to just grab some flies and a spool of tippet and head straight to the river.

The Skagit Flight VersiTip lines have front and back welded loops for extremely quick rigging and a printed size identifier on the rear loop for easy recognition. Available from 400 grain weight through 650 grains, these lines are Pale Orange and can be found at any RIO authorized dealer with an MSRP of $159.95.