First Glance: Costa’s New Double Haul Sunglasses

April 25, 2012 By: timromano

Costa Del Mar's "Double Haul" in black frame and silver lens

A couple of months ago we reported on the release of a new pair of shades from Costa Del Mar called the Double Haul. Since then I’ve had the pleasure of trying a pair out.

Let me start of by saying that I have a pea-head. It’s absolutely tiny. Typically this means any of the larger styles of glasses I typically gravitate to do not fit my head. Not so with the Double Haul. These are the first pair of “larger-looking” glasses that actually fit without making me look like I’m wearing Blu Blockers. This in turn really helps with complete coverage of my eyes while out fishing.

I’ve also been wearing these shades without any type of retainer like Chums or Cablz like I normally do and I have to say that they stay on my face pretty well due to the no-slip nose and ear pads. These parts of the glass have a very thin “rubberized” material that’s quite tacky and while if probably won’t keep your shades on if you were to fall out of a boat they seem to do a good job with everyday duties.

I’ve been wearing the 580 plastic lens in an amber color which have been great for trout fishing in a variety of lighting conditions. I’m normally a guy that wears glass lenses, and while these aren’t quite up to glass in visual acuity they are pretty darn good.

The frames are light and look pretty sharp if you ask me. The only thing I wish these glasses had are hinges on the ear stems.  Flexing them a bit when taking on or when letting your larger headed brethren borrow them or off really helps with the lifespan of sunglasses in my opinion.  All in all though I’m pretty impressed and will continue to rotate this through my stable of fishing glasses.