Fly Fishing Jazz: “We’ll Never Be (or Want to Be) Pop”

April 23, 2012 By: Marshall Cutchin

In his weekly column, Kirk Deeter says: “I receive hundreds of calls and emails every week from folks lamenting that fly fishing just cannot break through to mainstream ‘pop’ culture. Granted, the fly world had a brush with pop culture about 20 years ago, when Robert Redford turned Norman Maclean’s novella ‘A River Runs Through It’ into a movie starring Brad Pitt. Newbies gravitated, sales spiked and fly fishing was incredibly cool. And now, decades later, fly fishing is just, well, cool. Literally and figuratively.

Now, as much as I want to see the sport grow, and as much as I want to help my fly shop friends sell rods and reels and all that, I’m not willing to trade melding into ‘pop culture’ for the true ideals of fly fishing.”