Tippets: Letters of Note: Norman Maclean, Allen’s Deal of the Week, Bristol Bay Op-Ed, Unlikely Tying Materials

April 19, 2012 By: Benjamin Clary

  • It may come as a surprise that Norman Maclean, author of A River Runs Through It and its delicate prose, wrote this letter to a publisher that requested his second book after they had earlier refused A River Runs Through It.  [Thanks to The Literary Fly Fisher for the link.]
  • Allen Fly Fishing has started a new feature that will highlight a “Deal of the Week.”  This week’s deal is the company’s ATS rod.
  • In an Op-Ed for The Hill, former U.S. Representative Robin Hayes (R-NC) simplifies the Bristol Bay question:  “The dangers posed to Bristol Bay are clear and abundant. Can science and engineering eliminate the risks posed by the Pebble Mine to Alaska’s economy? If the answer is yes, the mine’s backers should show how in a clear and unquestionable manner. If the answer is no, then mining companies shouldn’t be forced to throw away their capital needlessly.”
  • Here’s an unlikely tying material source:  Kids’ Puffer Balls.  Clip off the legs and tie to a hook for a quick and easy worm pattern.