Yeti Beverage Opener

April 18, 2012 By: Kirk Deeter

Yeti Beverage Opener

Yeti Beverage Opener

Let’s talk about a sensitive subject. We can all wax poetic about the perfect fly rod, or the smooth-as-silk reel, or the super-slick, high floating line, and the magic bug pattern that makes the bite happen… but there’s an oft-under-appreciated element in the gear ensemble that deserves proper attention.

I’m talking about the bottle opener.

Granted, some of you heroes have figured out how to open the frosty bottle of suds with a Bic lighter, the edge of a cooler, the gunwales of your boat, and (dentist-forbid) even your teeth. But our friends from Yeti (the cooler people) have weighed in with a supremely smart and efficient tool for the drinking man (or woman) who likes to fish. Yeti’s beverage entry tool has all the bases covered. There’s the standard cap-snapper.  Then there are teeth grips that make plying a twist-off easier, and even a pop-top lever for those inclined to crack a can with smartly-engineered assistance.

Best of all, it looks like a fish (I’d say a tarpon). Mind you, the tool itself isn’t much larger than a silver dollar, so it’s easy to misplace, unless you tie it to a lanyard of some sort (I’ve found that a knotted strand of 80-pound fluorocarbon works great, and besides, you can wear it like a necklace).

The Yeti opener, like everything Yeti, is extremely functional, and a worthy gift item… for yourself, or a fishing buddy.