Costa and Spanish Fly TV Remember Jose

April 18, 2012 By: Benjamin Clary

In a sport where even the head guide of Fly Shop X can have an ego too big for a modest drift boat, it would be understandable for someone with the audience that Jose Wejebe had to put himself on a platform.  But that was not the case, according to Costa Del Mar’s blog The Watery Rave.  “Over time, I realized that Jose was the real deal, one of the best anglers I’ve ever fished with,” reads the tribute.

Spanish Fly TV delivered their own tribute with a lengthy video on the spanishflytv.com Web site.

According to the Costa blogger, Jose, like any good fishermen, knew when a call-out was appropriate.  On a trip with Stu Apte, Jose and the author, Jose and crew forgot their lunch.  In response to some not-so-tight loops, Jose “offered to edit out the bad casts in exchange for three pieces of fried chicken (one for each crew member).”  And even as a fishing celebrity, Jose was a person who could laugh at others and himself.  “Like when he was eating a chicken wing while talking on the phone during a break in filming and put the bones in his pocket and threw the phone overboard.”