The “Cadillac” of Tying Vises: C&F Reference Vise

April 13, 2012 By: timromano

Rick Mikesell of Trout’s Flyfishing points out some of the key features of the premium-priced C&F Reference Vise, a tool that he considers the “Cadillac of Fly Tying Vises” because of these features:

Link Arm: Adjusts jaw height without affecting the hook plane.

Rotary Function: Jaw rotates to any angle without changing the hook plane.

Magnetic Jaw: A powerful magnet inside the jaw holds the hook in place before the jaw is closed, allowing for a precise adjustment of the hook position.

Temporary Hanger: A clever Micro Slit Foam collar to store flies.

Material Clip: To keep fly tying materials out of the way.

Bobbin Hanger: Holds the tying thread and bobbin out of the way.

MSRP  $799.95