Redington Sonic-Pro Wader Pant

April 3, 2012 By: Kirk Deeter

Redington Sonic-Pro Wading Pant

Redington Sonic-Pro Wading Pant

Many of us get to a point where if we find ourselves wading in water that’s over waist deep, well, that means we made a mistake. Along those same age-related lines, some men appreciate the design of a wading pant for “access” purposes (and we’ll leave that right there). I also appreciate the simplicity… the lightness… the comfort factor. I like to feel like I’m fishing in a pair of jeans rather than overalls.

For those reasons, I’ve spent a lot of time in Redington’s Sonic-Pro Wader pants recently. At $230, you might be inclined to wonder if you get half the wader for half the price of other high-end models. I don’t think so. I have 50 days in these so far, and have yet to notice even a pinhole leak. The seams on these waders aren’t stitched, but rather, as the name implies, sealed by a sound-based technology. Seems to work fine.

One other thing I like: they travel well. When you have to be conscious of weight restrictions, even a pound or two makes a difference. Packing these waders is like packing an extra pair of pants.

I’m on my way to Guyana for a story in the jungle there, where there are apparently a number of nasty critters that like to swim into human plumbing…. It’s a no-brainer, in my mind, to throw these waders into the travel bag.