Tippet: Disco Flies, F3T Helps Local Theatres, Idaho Trout, Bristol Mine Permitting May Get More Oversight

  • MidCurrent gear editor Kirk Deeter theorizes on what could become the next big thing in fly tying:  fluorescent flies.  The first impulse might be to laugh the concept off, but there may be something to it, writes Deeter.
  • Offering their patrons an experience unique to watching a movie at home or a typical theatre, the Art Theatre in Long Beach has done well as a niche theatre thanks to shows like the Fly Fishing Film Tour.
  • Idaho fly-fishing guide Skooter Gardiner will give a presentation on the seven trout species that inhabit Idaho rivers on Tuesday, March 6.  The native Idahoan’s presentation is being sponsored by the Hemingway Chapter of Trout Unlimited.
  • An Alaska Senate committee held the first hearing concerning a bill introduced by Sen. Hollis French (D-Anchorage) that proposes additional legislative oversight to permitting process of the Pebble Mine Project of Bristol Bay.  Opponents of the mine are in support of the bill.


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