“Premium” Tenkara Rods Hit U.S. Market

February 27, 2012 By: Benjamin Clary

As further confirmation that Tenkara fly fishing is going mainstream, “premium” Tenkara rods made by Diawa are now being sold in the US.  Christopher Stewart of New York City, better known as the “Tenkara Bum,” has begun to sell Daiwa Tenkara rods, according to The Fly Line.  Tenkara USA is largely responsible for creating the US market in Tenkara gear and providing rods at competitive prices. But the higher-priced Daiwa rods are actually the mid-price range rods offered in Japan.  Despite the uptick on the price tag, Stewart is confident that U.S. Anglers are ready.

“I think the tenkara market in the U.S. is now ready for some premium rods,” Stewart said. “Even the Daiwas I’m bringing in are not their most expensive series of rods. These are the mid-priced rods in Japan – or at least the mid-priced rods from one of the top name companies. They’re really, really nice rods, though, and I do think that once people decide they like tenkara, they’re going to love these rods.”