Gear Review: Love the Spudz

Spudz Lens Cloth Cleaner

Spudz Large Microfiber Cloth

Sometimes, fly fishing performance comes down to simple details, and simple products that help you do more, easier.

One of the things that’s been clipped on my vest longer than I can remember is a simple little cleaning cloth from Spudz. The great thing is, it doesn’t look as goofy as a golf towel hanging from your chest. Made of microfiber, it stuffs into a pouch. Pull it out when you need it… let it dry when it’s wet… stuff it back into the pouch when you’re done.

Spudz Cleaning ClothNow the most obvious use is as a lens cleaning cloth. Your glasses get sprayed with saltwater on the bouncy ride out to the bonefish flats, you wipe them clean and done. Great. But there’s also something to be said for Spudz utility when it comes to wicking away moisture from a no-hackle dry fly, when greasy ointments, even silicone powders aren’t an option.

For $5 for the mini size, $8 for the regular size, and $10 for the large (and I wear large, because I am a slob), clipping a Spudz on the vest or pack is a no-brainer that pays dividends.

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