Fear No Bug

January 12, 2012 By: Benjamin Clary

The graceful cast, beautiful mountain vistas, graceful trout rising and … studying bugs?  The study of entomology is usually not the primary reason anglers are attracted to fly-fishing, but having a good grasp on aquatic insects will not only bring more confidence but will make you a better angler, says Robert Younghanz.

“My whole approach is that there’s no luck in fly-fishing.  It is a complete science.”  While a working knowledge of types of insects and those that undergo complete metamorphosis and those that do not may be helpful, it may not be necessary to take it to the level of Younghanz.  A self-professed bug fanatic, Younghanz carries 5,000-8,000 flies to the river, but typically uses only about 15 of those flies each year, reports Scott Willoughby in The Denver Post.