More New Fly-Fishing Books

  • Dynamic Nymphing, by George Daniel, will be released on January 1, 2012.  The book covers various nymph rigs, casts needed for proper nymphing and nymph tying patterns.  George Daniel is a manger at TCO Fly Shop, in State College, PA.  This is his first book.
  • Matching Hatches Made Easy: 10 Easy Steps to Catch More Fish, by Charles Meck, will be released on January 1, 2012.  Charles Meck, who has written extensively on Pennsylvania streams, covers hatch charts for the entire United States and information on fishing those hatches.
  • The Master’s Fly Box: America’s Best Anglers Share Their Favorite Trout Flies, by David Klausmeyer, will be released January 24, 2012.  The book contains “comprehensive interviews with fifteen premier practitioners of the sport about how to catch trout across North America.”  David Kausmeyer is the editor of Fly Tyer Magazine, as well as author of Rocky Mountain Trout Flies: A Postcard Book, Guide Flies, and Striped Bass Flies.
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