Boulder Boat Works and Yeti Coolers

A 120 Quart Yeti Cooler in the bow of Boulder Boat Work’s new boat, the CRT

Boulder Boat Works, makers of polymer-hull driftboats, have improved upon their latest boat—the Convertible River Taxi—by adding one of the toughest coolers on the market to the options list. BBW now offers a 120-quart or 75-quart Yeti cooler on all new Convertible River Taxis.

The gents over at BBW say, “the CRT just got even better! Not only are Yeti coolers tough enough, they seem like they were made specifically to be in a BBW boat. Made from a very similar polymer material, the texture, feel and look of the Tundra series as well as the Roadie series fits our boats perfectly.”

More information on Boulder Boat works and the Convertible River Taxi.

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