Biding for Spring

As the temperatures cool , so do most cold water fly fishing options.  Fear not, there are activities to pass the time until the early spring hatches—like book reading and fly tying.

David Dirks, of the Times Herald-Record, recommends a few books including The Little Red Book of  Fly-Fishing, by MidCurrent columnist Kirk Deeter.  And speaking of Kirk Deeter, he sends out a call to arms to non-tying, fly anglers in his blog.”If you actually buy a San Juan Worm, or a Glo Bug (egg), or a Zebra Midge, you should have your fishing license revoked,” Deeter suggests.  We might not all agree, but the point is well-taken: many patterns require a minimum of materials and gear and take minutes to tie.  They’re a great excuse for getting into tying.

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