LL Bean Pocket Water Fly Rod

October 18, 2011 By: Marshall Cutchin

L.L. Bean Pocket Water Fly Rod and Reel

L.L. Bean’s 2012 “Pocket Water” fly rod reflects a favorite pastime of Maine fishermen—hiking into small, remote streams and ponds in search of native wild brook trout. You don’t need long, fast-action fly rods for this kind of fishing; shorter, suppler rods are the weapons of choice. With a painted finish that’s reminiscent of the finest bamboo, these rods are designed specifically for the delicate, accurate casts required on small streams. Premium graphite blanks are built with a smooth, medium action and excel at casts less than 40 feet. Built with premium hardware including cork half wells grip, burled wood spacer and double-foot snake guides, the four-piece designs come with a carbon fiber rod tube, and are also reasonably priced at $195-$210.

Pocket Water rod and reel combinations are also available: 6′ 6″ for 3-WT, $284; 6′ 10″ for 4 WT, $289; 7′ 6″ for 4 WT, $294; 7′ 10″ for 5 WT, $299.

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