LL Bean Pocket Water Fly Reel

L.L. Bean Pocket Water Fly Rod and Reel

LL Bean is coming out with a comprehensive and impressive array of reels, rods, waders, boots, vests and jackets for 2012.

That starts with the “Pocket Water” fly reel, which is designed with the sound “minimalist” philosophy that fishing small water typically does not require an expensive reel with all the latest bells and whistles. Pocket Water is a simple, reliable reel that is light-weight and machined from 6000-series barstock aluminum. It has an anodized finish to withstand the elements and typical wear, and is built with a basic click-and-pawl drag system that protects light tippet and is easy to maintain. Its standard arbor design has plenty of capacity for line and backing. One size for 3, 4 and 5 wt. lines costs a very reasonable $79.

Pocket Water rod and reel combinations are also available: 6′ 6″ for 3-WT, $284; 6′ 10″ for 4 WT, $289; 7′ 6″ for 4 WT, $294; 7′ 10″ for 5 WT, $299.

Visit the LL Bean Web site.  More about LL Bean on MidCurrent.

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