Crested Butte October

October 16, 2011 By: Marshall Cutchin

Seven friends and I are spending the last bright days of October in Crested Butte, drinking coffee from Camp 4, sampling Montanya Platino rum (locally distilled), and fishing the Taylor, Gunnison, and other local rivers.  The fish—mid-sized browns and rainbows—are eating small fall dries more out of habit than out of any compulsion to catch the hatch.  Days are hot, nights cold, fly shops entering hibernation (“we have lots of fly lines, but they are all 3-weights”).

It’s also a content curation summit on house design and the 12 different modern backyard smoker styles, and perhaps the last chance of the year for some gentle ribbing (“you should move your face—that’s where my backcast is going to be”).

Gunnison River, Colorado

Gunnison River

Cottonwood Pass

Montanya Rum


Taylor River