New Fly-Tying Tools from Peak Fishing

Peak Rotary Tube Fly Vise

Peak‘s new Rotary Tube Fly Vise is made in the U.S.A and backed by Peak’s lifetime warranty. Available with either Peak’s Pedestal Base or C-Clamp, adjustments are simple and easy to make and the vise can be used right handed or left handed without needing to make any conversion adjustments. The chuck will handle pins from 1/32-inch to 1/8-inch diameters without the need to change collets. It will also hold metal tubing up to 1/8-inch diameter with no pin required. The vise comes with a selction of populart size pins. MSRP: $169.95.

Peak Rotary Tube Vise Head

This conversion head allows you to make your standard PEAK Rotary Vise into a PEAK Rotary Tube Fly Vise. Conversion is easily accomplished by loosening one set screw (wrench included), removing the rotay handle, swapping the heads and re-assembling. MSRP: $99.95.

Rotary Tube Fly Vise Pins

Accessory Pins for the Peak Tube Fly Vise. The custom tapered shoulder keeps tubing from spinning on the pin unnecessary. Works in any collet that accepts the corresponding pin sizes. Available in sizes: 1/32-inch, 3/64-inch, 1/16-inch, 5/64-inch, and 3/32-inch for $24.95 to $29.95.

Hook/Bead Cup

The Hook/Bead Cup is a handy accessory for any tying bench or travel kit as it allows you to easily organize hooks, beads or other materials you don’t want floating around your tying area. The full rounded bottom makes removing hard to handle material easy. It is lightweight with a table friendly cork pad bottom, which is also rabbetted so cups stack neatly and stay stacked out of the way. MSRP: $19.95.

Magnum Hex Stacker

The Magnum Hex Stacker has all the advantages of Peak’s standard stacker, but handles larger clumps and longer hairs. Place hair in the Magnum Hex Stacker tips down and tap on a table. Hold the stacker horizontally and carefully pull cap off to expose hair tips. The hexagonal top and bottom ensure that neither end of the stacker will roll off of your tying area. Machined from solid aluminum for a lifetime of use, the conductive surface disappates static build up. MSRP: $44.95.

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