Confluence Films Wraps Up Productions On New Film, “CONNECT”

Confluence Films, the creators of Drift and Rise, announced today that they have “wrapped” production on their third feature-length film, Connect. This latest film project is once again a multi-segment collection of individual stories shot around the world and includes locations in Japan, Maine, Cuba, Alaska, Yellowstone National Park, and Tanzania, Africa. As with Drift and Rise, Connect is the result of a partnership by Director and Cinematographer Chris Patterson of Warren Miller Entertainment and Executive Producer and Writer Jim Klug of Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures.

Highlights in Connect include trophy Yukon Pike annihilating flies in Alaska, and the story of massive, toothy tigerfish found deep in the African bush.  The film opens with a beautiful piece shot in the clear mountain creeks of Japan, where we see two great friends from worlds apart stalking the highly revered Yamame. There’s also stripers on the sand flats of Maine, a soulful look at Yellowstone with angler Craig Mathews, and tarpon, bonefish and permit on the flats of Cuba with saltwater guru Greg Vincent. All this is woven together with narration that discusses the different types of “connections” that are found throughout the sport of fly fishing.

Connect is our most ambitious film yet, and we’ve spent the last two years making it,” says Chris Patterson, the films Director/Cinematographer. “Jim and I really wanted to make a movie that had a grand, exotic and global feel, and I’m confident that we’ve accomplished that with this project. We started shooting last June in Japan, and ended this summer in Yellowstone, with stops along the way in Africa, Cuba, Maine and Alaska. It’s our biggest movie yet, with great characters, strong stories, and a large amount of great footage both above and below the water.”

Writer and producer Jim Klug is equally as pleased with the new film, as much for the quality of the finished product as for the broad overall scope of the film. “These days, it seems that many anglers have become conditioned to watching super-short video clips that feature maybe thirty seconds of fishing action. These clips are fun to watch, but most are definitely lacking when it comes to story and substance. This new film features plenty of great fishing action, but beyond that, gives viewers the chance to settle in and actually enjoy a full-length movie that’s all about fly fishing – be it in remote, off-the-grid types of places or close to home in our own back yards.”

The World Premiere of Connect will be held at The Ellen Theatre in  Bozeman, Montana on Friday, October 7, 2011, where Confluence will offer an exclusive VIP screening of the film for members of the fly fishing industry. VIP tickets will be made available to guides, outfitters, retailers, and members of the media. Two additional public screenings will be held on Saturday, October 8 (5:00 PM and 8:00 PM). Tickets are now on sale throughout Bozeman and on-line. Both DVD’s and Blu-Ray’s of Connect will be available for sale beginning November 4, 2011 (DVD retail price of $29.95 and Blu-Ray retail price of $39.95). DVD’s will be available through fly fishing retailers and specialty shops in early November and are currently available for pre-order at the Confluence Films website. The newly-released Connect trailer can be viewed at

For the month prior to the DVD release of Connect, Confluence Films is also offering early screening opportunities to qualified conservation organizations. Throughout October 2011, retailers, conservation groups and clubs have the chance to exclusively premiere the new film in their area as a fundraiser for fisheries-based conservation projects. Interested groups should contact Jim Klug of Confluence Films at (406) 585-8667 or by email at

Sponsors of this year’s movie “CONNECT” include Simms Fishing Products, Costa Del Mar, Hatch Reels and Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures.

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