Watercraft Winner: The Water Master Kodiak Loaded Package

August 31, 2011 By: Kirk Deeter

THE WATER MASTER KODIAK has been around for a bit. The new twist this year is that it is offered as a complete package. And that’s what won in the “Best Personal Watercraft” category at IFTD in New Orleans.

This package includes the single-person raft itself, as well as a boat bag, soft seat, foot pump, patch kit, fins, stripping apron, rod holder, mesh storage bag, cargo net, drag handle, 303 UV protectant, anchor system, motor mount, and heavy duty river oars.

That’s actually a very good thing, because many anglers who want a boat see only the boat sticker price, and several hundred dollars (or more) later, after they’ve bought all the stuff it takes to actually fish from that boat, are left wondering what happened.

Here, it’s all in one place. Buy the package, go fish. Simple. And the Water Master Kodiak has proven reliable in many environments, from flat water, to small streams, to large rivers. Retail is $1,995.

Visit the Water Master Web site.  Water Master on MidCurrent.