2012 Gear Winners: Simms Freestone Stockingfoot Waders

August 29, 2011 By: Kirk Deeter

SIMMS COMPLETELY REDESIGNED its Freestone Stockingfoot line of waders for 2012, but if we’re being perfectly honest, the best attribute of all is the price: $229.95, in the full range of 15 Simms sizes.

Simms Freestone Wader

Simms 2012 Freestone Wader

Simms 2012 Guide Wader

Simms 2012 Guide Wader

These waders are made with Toray breathable fabric instead of GORE-TEX. What’s the difference? Well, Toray is less resistant to substances like diesel fuel, so if you’re not planning on wading the urban corridors, you should be fine.

The bottom line is that waders are the simplest of all products to judge, because it’s a PASS-FAIL test. Keep you dry: PASS. Spring a leak: FAIL. These are going to pass in 99% of all fishing environments.

Of course, things like comfort and durability matter too. On the comfort side, the Stockingfoots are simple, with articulated knees, and a handy (not over-cooked) chest pocket.

On the durability side—well, every angler, and every pair of waders is different. When you think about it, the best measure is gauging how much it costs to stay dry, per day on the water. We’re guessing that the average “return on investment” for the average recreational angler will be pretty solid with the Freestones.

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