First Impressions: Redington’s New Torrent and Voyant Fly Rods

I fished the 2012 Redington Torrent and Voyant eight-weights together in New Orleans because I wanted to compare their new mid-range and budget-priced rods side by side, and the result was pretty much as expected, with the higher-priced ($249.95) Torrent outperforming the Voyant (189.95), but not by much.  The Torrent definitely feels a bit more techy and smooth, but the Voyant has a pleasing stiffness that I’ve come to appreciate when throwing heavier flies and on windy days.

Redington's New Torrent, Predator (not tested) and Voyant Fly Rods

Both rods cast very well in the 50-60-foot range, though the Torrent was more forgiving at longer distances.  The price seems to be accurately reflected in the rods’ relative performance, and against other rods in this range the new Redington products are definitely in the game.  The Torrent or Voyant could easily be the rod of choice for anyone looking for something under $300.

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