June 2011 Fly Fishing Gear Purchase Data Out

August 16, 2011 By: Marshall Cutchin

Southwick Associates’s latest Angler Survey reports are out and they summarize purchases including brands selections, price point breakouts, average spent by consumer, and type of store where items were purchased for June 2011.

The fly fishing category highlights:

  • Type most purchased: flies (56%)
  • Top brand fly fishing line: Rio (20%)
  • Most fly fishing line purchased from: local shops (49%)
  • Type of flies most purchased: freshwater nymphs (40%)
  • Top brand of flies: Umpqua (34%)
  • Most flies purchased from: local shops (60%)
  • Top brand fly fishing leaders: Scientific Angler (25%)
  • Most fly fishing leaders purchased from: local shops (32%)
  • Top brand of fly tippets: Rio (31%)
  • Most fly tippets purchased from: local shops (33%)
  • Top brand for fly tying material: Cabela’s (41%)
  • Most fly tying material purchases from: websites (43%)