New Indicator Leader from BlueSky

July 28, 2011 By: Alex Cerveniak

Drifter Strike Indicator Leader

The new Drifter Strike Indicator leader from BlueSky Furled Leaders is constructed of a furled nylon butt section knotted to a level section of fluorocarbon.  Because of the fluorocarbon’s higher specific gravity than water, the Drifter will aid in getting your fly down to the fish faster than a conventional all-nylon leader material.

The Drifter is available in three sizes:

  • Spring Creek, 6 ft.* 6# test, for 3/4/5-weight rods
  • Western, 6 ft.* 8# test, for 5/6/7-weight rods
  • Magnum, 8 ft.* 15# test, for greater than 7-weight rods

*plus tippet material length

All BlueSky furled leaders are pre-looped to attach to the fly line using the simple loop-to-loop method. The Drifter leaders have a MSRP of $13.95, and are available at BlueSky’s Web site.