Podcast: More About Hatches (and Three-Fly Rigs)

July 5, 2011 By: Marshall Cutchin

In his latest podcast, Tom Rosenbauer offers tips on cork handle maintenance and follows up on a previous podcast with suggestions on hatches and how to deal with them, focusing on how to collect insect specimens and what to do.  But first he describes the traditional method of creating three-fly rigs.

“Let’s say you have a leader that’s 3x at the end. So you tie a piece of 4x tippet onto the piece of 3x with a blood knot, but you leave a long tag end from your blood knot—and this should be the heavier piece, so that it stands out from the leader—and then tie a fly on there.  Then you tie another piece of 4x  (5x tends to get a little thin and twists), and again leave the tag end long on your blood knot.  Tie another fly onto that tag end, and then you have another six inches of tippet trailing, and you tie your third fly onto the end.”

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