Power VersiLeaders from RIO Products

RIO Products, manufacturer of fly lines, leaders, tippet, and accessories is introducing their new Power VersiLeaders, a sinking leader with a 24-pound test core—making them ideal for both saltwater and big game freshwater species.

A neat welded loop on the butt end makes it fast and easy to attach them to your fly line, converting any floating fly line into a “sink tip” in seconds. In addition to helping a floating line sink, these leaders also aid in depth control when combined with sinking lines and sink-tips.

The Power VersiLeaders are tapered with casting performance in mind, and are 10 feet in length. The front features a short, stripped monofilament core which allows the fly angler to easily tie a knot in and add any required tippet. There are five different sink rates, and each one has a color-coded loop at the butt end to help identify the rate. The Power VersiLeaders available are:

Intermediate – 1.5 ips – Clear
Slow Sink – 2.6 ips – Green
Medium Sink – 3.9 ips – Red
Fast Sink – 5.6 ips – Blue
Extra Fast Sink – 7.0 ips – Black

Each leader retails for $12.95 and can be purchased at RIO authorized dealers.

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