Steve Huff in “Garden & Gun”

April 20, 2011 By: Marshall Cutchin

Monte Burke’s article in the latest issue of Garden & Gun magazine is titled “The Best Fishing Guide Alive.” A profile of legendary south Florida guide Steve Huff, it replays some of the countless stories that Steve carries with him and that help define his 43 years as a remarkable guide: his break-up with Del Brown, the heart attack on the bow, a client taking his advice to divorce his wife.

“He’s seen men who can cast a country mile and land the fly on a dime but who couldn’t catch a fish in an aquarium. He’s seen others who have ugly casts and manage to catch everything they see. ‘Some people just have a fish sense,’ Huff says. ‘I don’t care what someone’s cast looks like. I’d rather have a person who has some sense of where the fly should be and how to manipulate it and talk the fish to the fly.’”