Podcast: Rosenbauer on Vests vs. Packs and “Going West, Going West”

January 22, 2011 By: Marshall Cutchin

In his latest podcast Tom Rosenbauer compares vests, chest packs, waist packs and sling packs, covers how best to keep your flies floating (and reveals his secret), and answers a question about realistic vs. impressionistic flies. But the main topic of this podcast is what easterners can expect when taking a fishing trip west and what westerners can expect when making a trip east.

“The good thing about fishing in the western U.S. is that there are lots of good fly shops and lots of good guides. And unlike many parts of the world, all good guides there have a large selection of flies with them. They either tie their own flies or they make sure they stock up in the morning before a trip. I don’t think I’ve ever fished with a guide in the Rocky Mountains that hasn’t been willing and able to provide me with every fly I need throughout the day.”