NYT on Thomas McGuane's New "Driving the Rim"

October 21, 2010 By: Marshall Cutchin

Tom McGuane’s new novel Driving on the Rim, his first since 2003’s The Cadence of Grass, came out yesterday. Charles McGrath interviewed McGuane for The New York Times and describes an author fully absorbed by literature, ranching and what it means to be partially reformed eccentric.
“‘Literature is the ditch I’m going to die in,’ he said. ‘It’s still the thing I care most about.’ After a period of 10 years or so when he didn’t write much fiction, and instead published well-regarded books about fishing and horses, he has returned to it with renewed enthusiasm.”
Here’s an excerpt from the new book.
Beyond McGuane’s Ninety-Two in the Shade and The Longest Silence — essential reading for any fly fisher — I highly recommend Some Horses, which some in the horse business consider the best book ever written about quarter horses, and his fabulous collection of short stories, Gallatin Canyon.