Scott Debuts F2 Series Fly Rods, Beefs Up Existing Rod Lines

October 12, 2010 By: Alex Cerveniak

F2 Series

F2 Series

Scott is introducing a new series of fiberglass rods for 2011 that both improve performance and pay homage to their long history of working with glass.   (The company is approaching their 40th year designing and building fly rods with fiberglass.)   Jim Bartschi of Scott Fly Rods feels that, “glass is uniquely suited to fishing applications that call for close range casts…and offers more fun and enjoyment when targeting small fish.”

The new F2 series of rods combines a new S-glass fabric weave with a highly biased fiber distribution, as well as a new epoxy resin system. The blanks are joined using Scott hollow internal ferrules. These design features allowed Scott to significantly decrease the perceived weight of the rods and get a smoother, deeper-bending rod curve that recovers more quickly than previous glass rods. This means the rods can be very light without sacrificing accuracy or losing control of the cast.

As a tribute to their innovative designs in glass rods during the early ‘70s, Scott went back to their traditional yellow/honey colored glass, light-brown wraps and touches like finish cork on the grips and cork insert reel seats.

Models come in the following six sizes and are priced at $595:

  • 6’0” 2 wt 3pc
  • 6’6” 3 wt 3pc
  • 7’0” 3 wt 3pc
  • 7’7” 4 wt 3pc
  • 8’2” 5 wt 4pc

S4s Series

S4s Series

Scott also has four new saltwater fly rods on the menu for 2011.  A 9′ 5-weight, an 8′ 8-weight, an 8′ 10-weight, and an 8’8″ 13-weight.  Each is priced at $725, and is  available as of September 15, 2010.

S4 Series

Scott’s newest addition to the S4 series is a freshwater 9′ 3-weight.  MSRP $695

T2h Series

Scott has added a new 12′ 6″ 10-weight two-hander which will handle 720 grains and 15 feet of lead core for those fanatics that come out of the woodwork each June to chase big chrome kings on two-handed rods.  MSRP $850

A3 Series

A3 Series

A new light two-handed 12’6″ 7-weight has been added to the A3 series.  MSRP $495 Scott is also adding a new 8′ 3-weight.  MSRP $335


Muskie-Pike Special

New 9′ 10-weight with extended fighting butt for figure-8 fishing for muskie and pike.  MSRP $725

Indicator Special

9’8″ 7-weight for indicator fishing developed with Fly Shop Redding last year as an exclusive, now available to all customers.  MSRP $695


First production switch rod first introduced in 1991.  MSRP $795