Sage Improves TXL, Redesigns VXP



Sage designed their new TXL-F family of rods with ultimate sensitivity in mind.  Via Micro Ferrule Technology and an exclusive, ultra-light guide package, Sage reduced the weight of the TXL-F by 33 percent from the TXL series.  As Jerry Siem explained to us at the IFTD show, some of the magic also derives from the fact that they’re building each rod section on a different mandrel.

The rods have an ergonomic, snub-nose, half wells grip, which offers increased feel and better rod control.  The natural walnut reel seat is flanked by bronze anodized hardware.

These four piece rods should travel well inside their 1 5/8 inch antique bronze powder-coated, aluminum rod tubes.

There are seven models available, ranging from 000-weight to 4-weight, at 7’10” long.  There is also a 3-weight and 4weight at 6’10” long each. Depending on the model, the TXL-F rods weigh anywhere from 1 1/2 to 1 15/16 ounces.

Retail price is $625



Do you remember that game you played in Kindergarten?  The one where the whole class stood in line and someone at one end whispered a sentence or two into the person’s ear sitting next to them, and then each person passed the message on until it made it to the opposite end of the line?  Somehow, that original message never made it to the other end of the line.  “Jane wears pinks socks,” would turn into, “Jim ate pop rocks.”

Well, thats kind of like the rumors that have been circulating over the last month on Sage’s new VXP rod series.  Somewhere between the time when word first leaked out about the VXP, the V got lost in translation, and the fly fishing world was buzzing about Sage’s updated version of the XP.   The truth is, other than that “woody” feeling during casting, there is no correlation between the two rods.   When making the new VXP rods, Sage used different materials, different mandrels, and even a new taper than those used for the XP.

The VXP series is a completely new family of rods.  With plenty of high-end features, they’re the most powerful fast action rod Sage offers at a mid-range price point.  Thanks to a slender shaft design that reduces overall weight and ultra high line speeds, each model in this series is exceptionally smooth and responsive.

“The needs and desires of avid anglers drove us to exceed even our own high expectations with the VXP series,” said Sage Rod Designer Jerry Siem.  “Designing a series of rods with such high end features that are this responsive was a challenge that we met and now stand behind with great confidence.”

The freshwater model feature an anodized aluminum reel seat with a walnut diamond-wood insert.  The saltwater and spey models have a full anodized aluminum reel seat.  All rods in the VXP series come in four pieces.

Single hand rods range from 3wt to 10wt, and retail between $485 and $525.   There are two two handed models: a 12’9″ 6wt, and a 13’3″ 7wt.  Both will retail for $595.

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