Fish Pimp Unveils Two New Fly Tying Adhesives

Hard Headed

Fish Pimp recently unveiled two new fly tying adhesives.  The first,  Hard Headed, is a water-based cement that has a clear, glossy finish.  It dries quickly and won’t crack or break under extreme weather conditions.

Head Strong

The second new fly-tying adhesive is their Head Strong.  Head Strong is a solvent-based flexible cement that is suited well for tying large, weighted flies.  Like Hard Headed, Head Strong won’t crack or break under adverse weather conditions.  In addition to being useful at the fly tying bench, Head Strong can also be used to repair small holes in waders.  Fish Pimp also offers a thinner for Head Strong.

Hard Headed and Head Strong both retail for $3.95.

You can purchase Fish Pimp products directly from their website, or from your local fly shop.

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