New Tying Materials by Cascade Crest

October 8, 2010 By: Alex Cerveniak

Creative Coloring System

Cascade Crest‘s Creative Coloring System is a new way to add color to a number of today’s popular fly tying materials . With this system you can color hooks, foam poppers, mylar flash, and just about any synthetic material. Drying time is approximately five minutes.

$4.25 per bottle (1 fluid ounce)

Soft & Stretchy Super Skin

Laser imprinted waterproof film for use on any fly.  Ideal for scud backs wing cases, this skin can be easily stripped down to a small ribbon for creating segmented bodies. Extremely flexible and stretchy, one side has a dull finish while the opposite side if very glossy. 15 square inches retails for $2.75.

Channel Lead

A different concept in weighting flies, these are strips of lead that Cascade Crest extrudes with a channel or groove in them. To make any fly ride upside down “point up” simple lay a strip on the top of the hook shank and secure it with a few wraps of thread. If you want the fly to ride with the hook point down simply tie the channel lead on the underside of the hook shank.  Channel Lead is available in two sizes, large for most saltwater hooks and larger streamers, and Medium for hooks smaller than a size 8.  $4.25

UV Holo Blends

Unique series of blended holographic flash with Cascade Crest’s UV Enhancer Fibers, available in several color combos:

  • Bunker Blue: a combination of Black, Blue, Aqua Mirror, Chartreuse and live.
  • Dorado Gold: Orange, Chartreuse, Gold, Mirror, and Bronze.
  • Outrageous Lime: Chartreuse, Silver, Olive , Mirror and Green.
  • Copper Fire: Copper, Gold, Orange, Red and Fuchsia
  • Mardigras: Fuchsia, Silver, Red, Orange and Mirror


Foam Cylinders

These 1.25-inch-long cylinders are available in three diameters:  1/6-inch, 1/8-inch and 1/4-inch. Color options are: White, Black, Yellow, Tan, Blue, Orange, Olive . Each bag contains 12 cylinders for $2.85.