Bug Slinger Fly Gear

Rob McAbee at Bug Slinger™ Fly Gear continues to break away from the tweedy stereotypes commonly associated with fly fishing apparel.  Bug Slinger has several new graphics in the works for the new year, including many more at their Web site.

Ace Vapor from back

Bug Slinger™ Ace Vapor T

The Ace Vapor-T was born from the needs of serious anglers. Whether poling across a scalding flat or layering up for a frigid steelhead session, this shirt is designed to provide the ultimate moisture wicking performance. The fighter-pilot inspired graphics are a shout out to those who excel at their game.


Bug Slinger™ Ace Cap

Given the popularity of the Bug Slinger Ace Vapor T, the company took the graphic and created the fitted Ace Cap. They embellished the Ace Cap with a 3-D Bug Slinger initial embroidery, crown-to-bill screenprint graphic, and back embroidery.  This two-tone cap is sure to blaze it’s own path.


Bug Slinger™ The Natural T

The Natural

Big flies = big fish? The debate rivals the chicken and the egg. Regardless of the order, this clinging mayfly will definitely garner some attention.


Bug Slinger™ Cross Sticks Visor

Just because it’s half the size, doesn’t mean it’s half as good. “Scale back and represent,” says Bug Slinger.


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