New Strike Indicators from Westwater Products

Thingamabobber with JamStop

The first time I saw this Thingamabobber modification, I had one of those “Why didn’t I think of that?” moments.  Thanks to the built-in JamStop, you’ll never have to worry about finding a toothpick in the bottom of your vest pockets again.  This strike indicator offers non-slip performance and can be connected via the loop method or by threading the leader through and pinning it in place with the JamStop.   Easy to attach and adjust, I found that this indicator casts easily– even when roll casting with a few large split shot on the leader.  Thanks to the Trapped Air Technology, this indicator is virtually unsinkable, yet it still offers excellent strike detection.  The Thingamabobber with JamStop comes in a variety of colors in 1/2-inch and 3/4-inch diameters.    They’ll be available sometime in early 2011 for $1.15 each

Thingamabobber Half&Half

The Half&Half is a dual colored Thingamabobber.  The two tone color scheme allows for subtle twist and turn strike detection and greater visibility throughout the drift.  Available sometime in early 2011 for $3.60 per pack, this strike indicator will be available in four sizes: 1/2-inch, 3/4-inch, 1-inch, and 1 1/4-inch.


The Thingamabottle is a compact way to organize Thingamabobbers in your vest or pack. $2.99 each.

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