New from Freedom Hawk Kayaks

Freedom 12 Ultralight

At 60 pounds, this is the lightest stand up kayak in the Freedom Hawk fleet.  The canoe style/hybrid hull is perfect for fishing inshore or inland waters. Once you’ve poled, paddled, or motored to where you want to fish, just deploy the outriggers for stand-up sighting and casting. The Freedom 12 Ultralight can be disassembled  into 3 pieces in 30 secs, the company says,  for easy loading and storage.


Elite Angler Seat

Specifically designed for the Freedom 12 and the new Freedom 12 Ultralight, this new seat provides maximum comfort and additional height for sighting and casting from a seated position. According to Freedom Hawk, this is the most comfortable kayak seat you’ll ever fish from. This adjustable and removable seat also doubles as a camp chair for a shore lunch.


You can purchase Freedom Hawk Kayaks at your local dealer.

Curious about how Freedom Hawk Kayaks work? Check out the video below on operating the Freedom Hawk 14.

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