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Large Flowing Waters Kit

Float Master Products now produces three different strike indicator kits, with each kit designed for particular water conditions.  All of the kits come with rubber tubing that is pre-cut to the proper lengths. Each package also comes with written instructions and a simple three-step graphic illustration.

The Skinny Waters Kit

The Skinny Waters Kit consists of sixteen different strike indicators in two different sizes (3/8″ & 1/2″ in both round and teardrop shapes) and in a wide variety of colors.  The kit comes in a 3″, round, 6-compartment Plano box, making it easy to find the right strike indicator for the job.  Retail price is $19.95

Flowing Waters Kit

The next new item is the “Flowing Waters Kit” that is assembled in a 4″ round, 6-compartment Plano box. It has three different sizes of strike indicators and two different shapes and it also has the proper number of natural latex rubber tubes cut to proper length for each indicator. This kit has:

  • 4- 3/8″ round and 4, 3/8″ teardrops
  • 4- 1/2″ round and 4, 1/2″ teardrops
  • 2- 5/8″ rounds and 2, 5/8″ teardrops.

Twenty strike indicators in all for $24.95.

Large Flowing Waters Kit

The last item is the large rectangular “Flowing Waters Kit.” This kit, popular with steelhead and salmon fishermen, starts out with a 6-compartment box made by Flambeau and measures just a bit larger than a deck of playing cards. It comes complete with 18 strike indicators in both round and teardrop shapes in three different sizes.

  • 4- 1/2″ round and 4, 1/2″ teardrops
  • 3-  5/8″ round and 3, 5/8″ teardrops
  • 2- 3/4″ round and the 2, 3/4″ teardrops

All the properly cut natural latex rubber tubing is included. MSRP is $22.95

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