Zeal Optics Sunglasses

Zeal Optics will offer several new frame designs in their PPX series for 2011.  The NXT PPX lens is both polarized and photochromatic.  The shatter-proof lens is made from ballistic material and blocks 100 percent of harmful UV rays.

They also have a new lens model in their CB-13 series.  The CB-13 lens color is the culmination of years of R&D by Zeal to find the perfect lens color, designed to soothe eyes, enhance vision and allow your eyes to adjust to constantly changing light conditions. It provides an optimum blend of contrast, clarity and light transmission for all-day optical comfort.

PPX Series

Maestro in Majollica color scheme


The Maestro features Zeal’s PPX lens in a light-weight hybrid frame that fits all face sizes.  Along with spring-loaded hinges, the Maestro offers 100 percent UV protection.  This frame will be available in four color schemes: Matte Black, Brown Stripe, Aluminum, and Organic Green/Wood.  MSRP is $170.

Swap-It in Black


The Swap-It also features Zeal’s PPX lens.  This light-weight and comfortable frame fits medium to large faces and has spring-loaded hinges.  The Swap-It frame is also prescription-compatible.  It is also compatible with Zeal’s SW2 Aqua Seal (see below).  The Swap-It frame comes in several looks:  Matte Black, Matte Woodstripe, Matte Aluminum, and Wasabi Green.  MSRP is $150.

SW2 Aqua Seal with Swap-It frames

SW2 Aqua Seal

The SW2 Aqua Seal is a splash-gasket and spring-loaded leash to be used in conjunction with the SWAP-IT sunglasses.  It keeps your eyes clear and your glasses on when boating and/or in water environments.  The SW2 Aquaseal retails for $40.


Another frame that employs Zeal’s PPX lens, the lightweight Tenacity frame features nose and temple pads which allow for a secure fit on your face.  The Tenacity comes in several color options: Majolica Blue, Shiny Wood, Gunmetal, and Tokyo Tort.  MSRP is $150.

Fuzion with Wood Color Scheme


The final new frame in Zeal’s PPX Series is the Fuzion.  The Fuzion features a lightweight, nylon frame with recessed steel hinges fits small or medium face sizes.  Color options include: Matte Black, Matte Brown Wood Stripe, and Tokyo Tort.  The Fuzion frames retail for $170.


Flyer in Blue color scheme


The Flyer is Zeal’s newest frame featuring their CB-13 lens.  This model has durable nylon frame, as well as nose pads for a comfortable yet secure fit.  Color options are: Black with Retro, Wood Stripe, Green with Retro, and Clear Aluminum.  MSRP is $110.

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