New Reels from Waterworks-Lamson

Force SL Reel

This will be the third generation of Waterworks-Lamson’s very first reel — the extremely light machined reel that put Waterworks on the map with dealers and consumers.  This third generation Force reel gets even lighter — and stiffer and stronger at the same time.  The reel features a flush foot, like their Vanquish model, bringing the mass of the reel closer to center axis of rod. The foot and frame are machined from one solid piece.

F2 SL Reel $409
F2x SL Reel $419
F3 SL Reel $449
F3x SL Reel $459

15th Anniversary Edition in Litespeed 2 and 3.5 and Guru 2 and 3.5

A new 15th Anniversary production of Litespeed and Guru reels will be limited to 500 per SKU.  Each reel will have a serial identification: 1/500, 2/500, 3/500 et cetera.

The Litespeed Anniversary Edition includes:

  • Special Vanquish finish, including contrast burnt-orange drag cassette.
  • Modified spool face and drag knob and unique graphics.

The Guru includes:

  • Ported arbor, creating a significantly lighter reel.
  • Unique graphics.
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