Chota Outdoor Gear Introduces Caney Fork Wading Sock

Caney Fork Wading Sock shown with Chota Caney Fork wading boot

Rick Watkins of Chota Outdoor Gear talks about a novel new style of waders: the knee-high wader with neoprene booties. The Caney Fork wading sock is 100 percent waterproof, keeps you warm and dry up to the knee. A skin-out neoprene gasket coupled with a nylon cinch strap keeps the top in place just below the knee and slows flooding. They feature a waterproof neoprene sock foot for warmth as well as a wader style “Gravel Guard” that keeps sand & grit out of your boots.

This wading sock is ideal for tasks such as portages,  getting in and out of a drift boat or canoe, and other tasks where hip or chest waders are overkill.

You can purchase them at your local Chota dealer, or directly from Chota’s Web site for $69.95.

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