IFTD Show Mood "Upbeat," Retailers Await Today's Relocation Announcement

More than a few media people and manufacturers remarked to us that the first day of the International Fly Tackle Dealer show in Denver was more upbeat than last year. Perhaps it is was relief at being released from the “Neilson yoke,” as one AFFTA board member described it. Today AFFTA will make an important announcement about the location of next year’s show, which newly appointed president Jim Klug said would “definitely not be in Denver.” Rumors are Charlotte, North Carolina and even Providence, Rhode Island were on the short list. Why not Somerset, NJ? asked one or two attendees, since it remains the location of the most successful consumer show.
On the product side, manufacturers — most of whom are still predicting (and certainly least desiring) “consolidation” among their brethren — seem to have finally gotten the message that “more” is not always “better.” Instead of tossing gobs of new products into the waves, they’re focusing on one, two, or three lines that they feel are guaranteed to stay afloat. Scientific Anglers’ “Mastery Textured” fly lines would be one example, and Ted Juracsik’s sealed-drag Signature reels would be another, as would RIO’s decision to bring some premium features down into their new lower-priced Avid series lines.
Follow today’s full show product coverage here.

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