Morning One: Bagpipes and Bagels (As In No Internet Access)

IFTD Morning One

Walking in to Denver's IFTD show on Morning One.

We could start off 2011 IFTD show coverage by making a joke about finding that there was no free internet access for media, despite assurances from show organizers that there was (apparently it was a “union issue”).

Instead, we’ll start by posting a few notes of interest.  First, the show seems well-attended, at perhaps 70% of last year’s exhibitor numbers, and most of the big players are here. After sitting out last year, Orvis took Simms’s front-door spot. SA, Smith, Sage and others are all first-row exhibitors. There appear to be about 160 exhibitors in all.

Second, a brief conversation with AFFTA’s new president, Jim Klug, produced the following teaser: “The show will definitely not be coming back to Denver next year.”  AFFTA plans to make a major announcement tomorrow, Klug said.

Third, perhaps in compensation for having lost an hour getting an Internet connection, a traditional Scottish bagpipe troop opened the show with a musical flourish. It might be our imagination, but the mood already seems a more upbeat than it has in recent years.

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