Utah Likely To Charge Private-Water Access Fees

Now that a rule restricting access to rivers running through private land has been signed into law, Utah legislators are planning to allow angler walk-in access — for a fee.
“During a tour of the Sevier River after Wednesday’s meeting, [Sen. Curt] Bramble said those anglers who oppose paying for access likely will instead pay for a new court challenge asserting a constitutional right to access public water. ‘I’ve heard that the fishermen are just going to sue, regardless,’ he said. ‘This may all be moot.’” Brandon Loomis reports.
Look no further than the energy behind the Utah Stream Access Coalition for proof of further court action, says Brett Prettyman, also in the Salt Lake Tribune. “It looks like that is what it will take again. This time there is a long line of anglers volunteering to be cited to send HB141 to the Supreme Court.”

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