Soda Butte Bear Attack Survivor Comments on Bear Spray

Last night Soda Butte bear attack survivor Deb Freele (see “Bear Attack at Soda Butte Kills One, Injures Two Others“) commented on MidCurrent‘s recent article on the utility of bear spray:
“I’m the female victim in the bear attack at Soda Butte. Just wanted you to know that I carry bear spray with me 24/7 while in bear country and I will continue to do. I will not carry a firearm. Bear spray is effective and it works when you can get at it. As luck would have it, I rolled over in my sleep that night and the bear got me from behind, leaving me unable to access it during the attack. I did get my hands on it after the bear let me go. In a situation like that, i don’t think wind direction can be a concern. If I could have used it, the bear would have probably left. If I tried to shoot it with a hand gun…I’m pretty darn sure I wouldn’t be here typing this.”

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