Tippets: Waterproof Packs, Fugitives in Glacer, Kayak Radio, Pink Waders

  • Stephen Regenold says his $169.95 SealLine Pro Pack, a “handy and bombproof bag — mine’s been dubbed ‘Big Yellow’ — has proven its worth a few times over.”
  • Self-described modern-day Bonnie and Clydes John McCluskey and Casslyn Mae Welch may have departed Yellowstone for Glacier National Park, say authorities.
  • Can’t get enough of fly fishing out of your yak? Tune in to Kayak Fishing Radio (via A Bad Backcast).
  • Maybe it was the pink waders? PR specialist Amy Roberts is convinced by a “moron wrapped in tinfoil” to buy a $1000 fly rod. But a good instructor makes it an investment.
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